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We’re empowering specialized agriculture...
so every farmer can see better outcomes.

What if complex growth conditions in specialized agriculture leading to low yield, and low-profit margin?

At AIGROEDGE Technologies, we use farmer's field data from the sensors, and predictive platform to more precisely manage, and treat farming conditions to get high yield and high-profit margin.

About Us

AIGROEDGE Technologies is a deep tech start-up based in New Delhi, India. AIGROEDGE proprietary hardware, ‘KRAASHAK’ is an IoT sensory system (soil, environmental and geographic parameters from the sensors) powered by ‘AgriVital’, an intelligent platform (SAAS) to enhance yield and profit margin to the end-user with personalized recommendations.

The AgriVital® platform shows you more than farms data.
It can help show you to unleash your farms potential.


Our vision is to create easily accessible and affordable smart Agri-tech solutions for specialized agriculture

Provide consulting, develop, manufacture, market, and support for specialized agriculture marketplace. Evolve a family of smart IoT Agri-tech products. Maintain lead in India, ASEAN, and the US with affordable and high-performance Agri-tech products in the market



How does it work?

Farm Field

Farms and Agri-tech firms

Enabling farms and Agri-tech solution providers to monitor their fields with complex farming conditions using KRAASHAK to enable optimal growth


Media Coverage

Genetic and Plant Breeding companies & Research Organizations

Leveraging soil and plant growth data combined with personalized analytics (AgriVital) into genetic breeding trials and research to generate novel plant species


Governments, Banks & Insurance companies

Enabling payers and providers to monitor their clients with ‘Farmer Credit Score’ using AgriVital to prevent unnecessary reimbursements and claims

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Agri-SAAS Companies

Agri-SAAS companies can integrate AIGROEDGE solutions on their SAAS platform to enhance their service capabilities

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We're helping some of the most respected tech companies, and farmers in agriculture. Let us show you what personally intelligent analytics, and farming recommendation can do for your organization.

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